Things You Have To Know About Princess Cut Diamonds

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Lab Grown Diamond Rings
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Because of their spectacular brilliance and contemporary look, princess-cut diamonds have become much popular in diamond rings and other pieces of diamond jewelry. Princess diamonds are considered a modern alternative to round diamonds, as they can offer almost similar brilliance. There is a wide range of other things you have to know about princess diamonds to know whether they can be suitable for you. Some of the exciting facts about princess diamonds are mentioned below:

The Shape Of Princess-Cut Diamonds

The particular shape of princess diamonds is one of the important factors that attract people to this stone. It comes with a square shape that features perfectly sharp corners. You might also find princess-cut diamonds in rectangular shapes, but they are not popular.

The length-to-width ratio of princess diamonds is usually between 1 and 1.05 so that they can maintain a stunning square shape.

Are Princess-Cut Diamonds Bigger Than Round Diamonds?

Yes. Princess diamonds can look slightly bigger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. This difference in size attributes to the particular shape of princess-cut diamonds. So if you want a bigger-looking diamond, then princess diamonds can be a wonderful option.

Are Princess-Cut Diamonds Affordable?

Princess-cut diamonds are cheaper than round diamonds and some other diamond shapes. Therefore, this diamond shape can be greatly affordable for people who want bigger diamonds for their engagement rings. Additionally, princess lab grown diamonds can be much more affordable than natural ones. Therefore, if you are on a budget, princess diamonds can be a great choice for you.

Facets Of A Princess Diamond

The number of facets of a princess diamond is the same as that of a round diamond. Hence, this diamond shape can exhibit a good sparkle just like round diamonds. So if you prefer a contemporary diamond shape with wonderful brilliance, then a princess diamond can be suitable for you.

Problems Associated With A Princess Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Even though a princess diamond can offer a modern and contemporary look to your engagement ring, it can be more prone to chipping because of the pointed corners. So it is important to handle your princess diamonds carefully.

Make sure that you choose a ring setting that can offer better protection for the pointed corners of a princess diamond. The V-prong setting, bezel setting, etc. are some of the best options for your princess diamonds.

In short, if you prefer a modern look to your ring, then a princess diamond can be a stunning choice for you. However, be careful when choosing this diamond shape if you engage in strenuous activities with your hands.

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