What You Want To Know About Artificial Diamond Carat Weight?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The term carat means the weight of a diamond. Customers generally think that higher carat diamonds offer better value for money. Is it always a good idea to buy lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds that weigh more than others? To help answer the question, it is important to have some basic idea about what diamond carat weight means and how it impacts the price.

What Is Carat Weight?

Let us dive deep into the technical information about diamond carat weight. The measurement that the diamond carat represents is usually small. A one-carat diamond weighs a lot less than a standard paperclip. It is usually 0.2 grams. Calculating diamond prices requires measuring the characteristics of a diamond apart from its carat weight.

People believe that the size of a diamond is the same as its weight. It is among the common myths in the jewelry industry that people buy into when shopping for diamond rings. If the stone is heavier, it may be bigger as well. However, there are some other factors at play in determining the rate of diamond jewelry, such as color, clarity, and cut. If the cut of a diamond is poor, the top area of the stone would look smaller but the bottom would hide its weight.

Carat Sizes

Some special carat weights are available, like 0.5 carats, 0.75 carats, and a single carat. There is not a lot to physically differentiate between one diamond that weighs 0.01 carat and another weighing 0.03 carat. The price of those two diamonds may be different, but both will have almost the same visual aesthetics. So, your budget will dictate the carat size that you may choose. The other characteristics matter more than the carat size of a diamond.

Carat Size Tips

Think About Your Budget

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

As said earlier, a diamond with a relatively higher carat does not always mean a much better diamond in terms of value for money. You should consider everything when purchasing a diamond as it may not have good color or clarity even if its carat size is high.


Not every person has the same features. The same applies to diamond ring carat sizes. A diamond with a larger size has a greater chance of suiting a wider finger. On the other hand, a high-carat diamond on a slim finger will cause the ring to appear more prominent.

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