Tips To Protect Your Diamond Rings

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Even though your diamond rings can be highly durable because of the incredible strength of these stones, they might get damaged in some circumstances. Therefore, it is better to give good care and protection to your rings for preventing their damage.

There are a lot of measures you can take to protect your diamond rings. Some of them are listed below:

Insure Your Ring

Having insurance for your diamond ring can bring peace of mind, as you will be compensated for your loss. Whether your ring is damaged, lost, or stolen, an insurance policy can cover you. It is possible for you to get a specific amount or a replacement for your ring based on the type of policy you have.

Don’t Touch Your Diamonds

Both natural and lab grown diamonds can easily attract dirt and oil, which make them look cloudy or greasy. Therefore, it is important to avoid touching these stones to maintain their appeal. If your diamonds are dirty and greasy, it can reduce their brilliance thereby making them look dull and lifeless. So avoid the temptation to touch the diamonds to keep your diamond rings sparkly.

Keep Your Ring Clean

Even though you cared not to touch the diamonds, they can still get greasy, as they are natural magnets for dirt and oil. So you should keep your ring clean to maintain its appeal and shine.

Make sure to use mild washing liquids like dish wash to clean your rings. Also, drain it with a clean cloth to prevent it from attracting dust all over again. You have to wash your ring at least once in a week to maintain its look and brilliance.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals To Clean Your Ring

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Even though your diamonds may not be damaged by harsh chemicals easily, the metal can be damaged by them. Also, colored gemstones can get damaged and dull because of harsh chemicals. Hence, take great care to avoid harmful chemicals when cleaning your diamond ring.

Avoid Needless Wear And Tear

Even though most diamonds are designed for everyday wear, it is possible for diamonds to get damaged if a hard force is applied to them. Therefore, it is better to avoid wearing your ring if you are engaging in some strenuous activities and chores that involve using your hands a lot.

Professionally Clean Your Ring

Even if you clean your ring at home regularly, it is better to do a professional cleaning once in a while to remove the dirt and impurities in a better way.

When cleaning your diamond ring, it is important for you to consider the metal, the presence of other gemstones, etc., as they might be easily vulnerable to damage.

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