Green Diamonds Vs. Emeralds: Which Is The Right Option For You?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

The green color in gemstones represents the color of life and the color of nature. It also represents harmony, renewal, balance, prosperity, abundance, and success. Green gemstones are believed to be great balancers of emotions and they are known to strengthen the link between your mind and heart.

When thinking about green gemstones, emeralds and green diamonds are the popular options that come to our minds. Both of these stones are known for their stunning green hues. Even though they share the same color, there are significant differences between green diamonds and emeralds that you should be aware of before choosing an option for you.

Some of the important aspects you have to consider when comparing emeralds and green diamonds include color, brilliance, sparkle, shine, clarity, hardness, and price. If you want to know more about emeralds and green diamonds, then read along to find out what makes them distinct.

Emeralds Vs. Green Diamonds: The Color

Green color diamonds are extremely rare, hence, they carry great value across the world. Finding a high-quality green diamond can be a difficult task, especially if you prefer stones of high quality. Even green diamonds with other tints and inclusions are rare, so these gemstones have a high value despite their imperfections.

The price and value of green diamonds can significantly increase with the increase in the intensity of their color. So if you prefer green diamonds for engagement rings, then you will have to pay a huge amount.

Emeralds also come with a stunning green hue. Like the green diamond, the value of emeralds can increase based on the intensity of their color. You might have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get an emerald with high quality.

Emeralds Vs. Green Diamonds: The Sparkle

When comparing the sparkle, green diamonds win the dispute. They can be the best choice for people who are looking for shiny green gemstones.

High-quality emeralds are not supposed to sparkle. Therefore, if you find emeralds that sparkle, then they might be of low quality.

Emeralds Vs. Green Diamonds: The Clarity

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When considering the clarity of these gemstones, green diamonds rarely show inclusions or other imperfections. However, emeralds are just the opposite, as it can be difficult for you to find an emerald without imperfections. Hence, emeralds with no visible inclusions carry significant value.

Emeralds Vs. Green Diamonds: The Price

Green diamonds are extremely rare, so they can be very expensive. However, green lab grown diamonds are available for cheaper rates, as they have more availability than natural ones.

Emeralds can be slightly less expensive than green diamonds, but in some cases, they can have the same price as green diamonds.

When choosing between green diamonds and emeralds, make sure to consider all these attributes to select the right option.

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