What Can You Do To Make Your Lab-Grown Diamonds Appear Larger?

Synthetic Diamonds
Synthetic Diamonds
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

The size of the stone is generally the first thing that people appreciate when looking at an engagement ring. That is why, for an engagement ring, most people select a larger diamond. A larger diamond comes at a higher price, and most individuals cannot afford it. There are, however, a number of techniques to obtain a larger-looking diamond without spending a lot of money.

A lab-grown diamond is less expensive than genuine diamonds, which is one option to bring down the cost of an engagement ring. Most people want their diamond ring to be noticed when they enter the room. That is one of the reasons why they wish to have bigger diamonds.

Here are a few techniques for making lab-grown diamonds appear larger.

Select The Best Diamond Cut

It is common knowledge that a diamond’s cut can influence the diamond’s entire look. The cut impacts its attractiveness as well as whether it looks larger or smaller. A well-cut stone, regardless of carat weight, reflects light at the right angles to give it natural brilliance and fire. As a result, for your engagement ring, you should choose a diamond cut that will make your diamond look bigger.

Use Halo Setting

By picking a halo setting to frame the center diamond, you can wrap the bigger diamond with a band of tiny round brilliant cut diamonds, creating the illusion of a bigger overall diamond band. This increases the ring’s dimension, sparkle, and impact by making the diamond look bigger than it actually is.

Try Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Choosing a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring is indeed the moral and ethical decision that you can make, and it’s also becoming a popular alternative for couples seeking a larger diamond at a lower price. A natural diamond’s optical, physical, and chemical qualities are identical to those of a lab-grown diamond. An engagement ring made with lab diamonds, on the other hand, can be up to 30-40 % cheaper than an engagement ring made with natural diamonds, making it the ideal way to upsize without going broke.

Try A Three-Stone Setting

For young couples who want their engagement tale to be unique and memorable, a three-stone ring is the best alternative. In the three-stone design, two smaller accent diamonds surround a bigger center diamond. You could split the carat weight and cost amongst three lab-grown diamonds in this fashion, resulting in a beautiful center stone and complimentary stones with treble the brilliance and depth.

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