Diamonds And Zodiac Signs: An Analysis

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are among the best gemstones in the world of jewelry. Virtually everyone longs for a diamond on their finger. It is thought to offer happiness, affluence and prosperity in astrology. However, it is a touch questionable to sport natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds because these stones do not suit all zodiac signs. Here, we will discuss which zodiac signs can make the most of wearing the stones and which ones cannot.


A Taurus person must rock a diamond as it is still the most auspicious stone for them. They can also benefit a lot from wearing the stone.


Diamonds are auspicious for Gemini people too due to where Venus sits with regard to them. These people believe that if they wear diamond rings or other diamond jewelry, their intelligence would be sharper.


Diamonds are not auspicious stones for Leo people thanks to the position of Venus in Leo. These people feel that wearing diamonds can contribute to losses in their business operations or jobs.


The place of Venus means that Virgo people will have no big issue with wearing diamonds. If they use diamonds, the positioning of Venus in Virgo would be strong as well as would offer them auspicious outputs.


Diamonds are thought to be beneficial for Libra people since Venus in Libra is regarded as a zodiac sign for a truly romantic person who thrives in a loving and committed relationship. After all, a diamond engagement ring is a token of love and commitment. These people can rock diamonds right through their lives.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Venus in Scorpio is regarded as the seventh house and twelfth house lord. Mars is regarded as the lord of Scorpio. Venus and Mars are considered enemies in Astrology, so Scorpio people also feel that diamonds offer inauspicious results and that they should not rock diamonds.


It is thought that diamonds do not offer auspicious results for Sagittarius people. Why? Because Venus in Sagittarius is regarded as the sixth house and eleventh house lord. If those people rock diamonds, there would be several forms of issues about health and wealth for them.


Diamonds are beneficial for a Capricorn person since Venus in Capricorn is regarded as the fifth house and tenth house lord. If they wear diamond jewelry, there would be benefits for them in several difficult situations of life.

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